Swim Meet


Swimming is an event that allows students to participate in another athletic competition at L.E.S.T. Northwest. Each school may enter swimmers by completing and submitting a Swim Meet Registration Form for each participant and relay team by January 23, 2024.


A swimmer may participate in no more than three (3) individual events (if not participating in relays) or no more than two (2) relay and two (2) individual events. Team points and ribbons are awarded for the first six places. The strokes included are:  FreestyleBreaststrokeBackstroke, and Butterfly. Rules governing disqualification in the various strokes are included further down this webpage. The specific swimming events can be found on the “Swimming Registration” form.

The following rules govern the pool area:

  1. When not participating in an event, the swimmers are to stay back from the sides of the pool and out of the water to give the officials room to officiate.
  2. Swimmers will follow NFHS rules. Specific swimming rules can be found online.
  3. All participating teams must provide two adult volunteers. Volunteer assignments will be given at the meet.
  4. Stroke and Turn judges will be provided at the meet and will disqualify participants from a race if there is an infraction of the NFHS rules. The decision of the Stroke and Turn judges is final. The judges should not be interrupted during a race to discuss a disqualification. Coaches can ask questions of the judge after the completion of the Swim Meet.
  5. No flash cameras should be used during the Swim Meet.



The swim meet will be held at an off-campus site. The location, day, and time of the swim meet will be finalized by mid-January, as will be the final schedule of events. Because of spectator seating, admittance of spectators into the swim meet may be limited.

Specific Rules for the Swim Meet

The following is a list of strokes and specific rules governing disqualification in the various strokes:

  • FREESTYLE: At the start both feet must be in contact with the starting line and the swimmer must be completely motionless until the gun, whistle, or horn is sounded. Any stroke, turn, or touch is allowed, however the swimmer must swim the same stroke throughout the entire race, and must touch at both the turn and finish. 
  • BREASTSTROKE: Start is the same as freestyle. After dive and after turn only one complete stroke may be taken under water. The head must break the surface before the start of the second stroke. Only breaststroke arm movement is allowed, both arms being pulled back in the water at the same time. Only breaststroke kick is allowed (heels must be in on both feet). Both hands must touch at the same time at both the turn and finish. 
  • BACKSTROKE: An in-water start is used. Off the start and turns the swimmer cannot go more than half way down the pool under water. Swimmers must remain on their back throughout entire race and must be on their back at the finish. (Exception: Swimmers doing the backstroke flip turn may turn onto their stomach within five feet of the wall, at which point the swimmer must be in the continuous turning action of the turn, and no extra arm pulls may occur until the turn is completed and the swimmer has pushed off the wall on their back. A disqualification will occur if the swimmer touches the wall with their hands or arms while still on their stomach.) 
  • BUTTERFLY: Start is same as freestyle. Only butterfly arm movement is allowed, both arms coming out of the water at the same time and entering the water at the same time. Only butterfly kick is allowed, both legs moving up and down together in dolphin motion. Both hands must touch at the same time at both the turn and finish. 
  • RELAYS: Swimmers (except number one) may be in motion on their start as long as part of their feet is in contact with the pool side until the preceding swimmer has touched. 
  • WRONG LANE: Any swimmer, during an event, who enters a lane other than that assigned to them will be automatically disqualified. 
  • ROPES: Swimmers will not be disqualified for touching the lane markers, but will be disqualified if they use them to assist (pull) themselves down the pool. 
  • POOL BOTTOM: Standing on the bottom of the pool during a race will result in a disqualification.
  • FALSE STARTS: Second false start disqualifies a swimmer. 

Coaches Reminders

  • Each team needs to provide volunteers. Volunteers should check in with the swim meet director prior to the coaches meeting. 
  • Coaches will be given entry cards for their team at the coaches meeting. Swimmers will bring their card to the bullpen when they are called for their event. 
  • Only scratches will be accepted at the coaches meeting. No additional or changes are allowed at that point.  
  • Do not speak to stroke and turn judges. Questions may be addressed to the swim meet director. 
  • No coaches or parents behind the starting blocks except for those working as timers.
  • No flash photography during events. Thank you.

To Register, click the appropriate links below, download the Word docs that open, complete electronically, and email completed forms to L.E.S.T. Northwest Director Mary Schuldheisz at lestnorthwest@gmail.com.

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