Mathematics Competition

Individual Competition by Grades

The L.E.S.T. Northwest individual mathematics competition is conducted in four different divisions, one division for each grade level, grades five through eight. The examination of all contestants is conducted at one time. Each exam consists of mathematical problems with a specified time limit for completion. Students should bring their own pencils to the competition – paper will be provided. No calculators or other computing devices will be permitted. Spectators are not allowed to observe the proceedings. Awards will be given to the top finishers in each grade level.

Team Competition

Each school team consists of the individual grade level competitors, one from each grade (5th-8th). The teams will be given a number of problems to solve as a group. The score from this exam will be added to the individual scores of team members to determine the winner of the team competition, and the top three scoring teams will receive awards. There will be a specified time limit for the completion of the team competition.


The date, time, and location of the Math Competition will be published in the L.E.S.T. Northwest schedule in January.

How to Participate

All competitors must pre-register on the L.E.S.T. Northwest Registration Form. Each school may enter a total of four students, one for each of the four grade levels of competition (5th-8th). Alternates are permitted but must also be pre-registered. Alternates will only participate if the first designated competitor is not able to participate in the competition. A school may enter less than four students in the math competition if they do not have students at a particular grade level to compete in math.

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