Choral Festival


Participants will be judged in four categories. 

  1. Quality of Sound 
  2. Technique 
  3. Musicality
  4. Other Performance Factors 

Each choir is judged on its own performance, not compared to other choirs. There may be more than one Blue Ribbon winner. The judges’ rating sheets, with valuable comments, will be given to each participating school at the closing of the L.E.S.T. Northwest. 

Special Regulations

  1. Regarding the use of “Arrangements,” literature sung must be written for choral performance. Each choir is required to sing at least two songs. L.E.S.T. Northwest reserves the right to make adjustments on requirements for this competition from year to year. 
  2. Piano, music stands, choir risers, and chairs (extra instrumentalists) will be provided.
  3. There is NO EXIT or ENTRANCE during a performance. This behavior is discourteous and disturbing to the performers. Do not bring food or drink into the performing areas. 
  4. There is NO TALKING during a performance. Please keep small children as quiet as possible. We are here to help build everyone up, not to provide interference with them doing their best. 
  5. Each choir must provide an original piece of music for the judge. NO PHOTOCOPIES. This is illegal and would violate U.S. Copyright Laws. 
  6. Each choir must provide their own accompanist. Choral pieces which were written with an accompaniment must be heard that way. Only pieces which were truly written as “A Cappella” may be heard without piano. 
  7. Arrive at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time. There will be a separate area that choirs may use for warming up.
  8. Memorization of music and ensemble “uniform dress” is strongly encouraged. 
  9. Upon acknowledgment by the judge, each choir should begin with the announcement of their school’s name and city, followed by the title and composer of their piece. 
  10. Total time for each performance (all individual pieces together) may not exceed 12 minutes. 


Time and location of the Choral Festival will be announced in the L.E.S.T. Northwest schedule published in January.

How to Participate

Pre-registration is necessary for proper planning of this event. Send a list of choir members with the registration forms that are due on December 16. Please indicate whether any choir members are involved in other L.E.S.T. Northwest activities so potential conflicts might be avoided. 

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