Technology: Movie Making Competition


The L.E.S.T. Northwest Technology Competition is designed to enhance the moviemaking skills of students by giving students the opportunity to create a short narrative movie that incorporates the theme of L.E.S.T. Northwest.  The theme for L.E.S.T. Northwest 2023 is All things work together for good for those who love God based on Romans 8:28.

Here are a few samples of past entries, all Blue Ribbon winners, to give you an idea of what these sorts of movies can look like:

2018 Entry
2019 Entry
2020 Entry

Specifications & Rules

Each school may submit one movie for each grade level, grades 5-8. Schools may submit movies created by individual students or groups of students, but only one movie per grade level (a maximum of 4 movies per school). Teams may be made up of a mixture of 5th – 8th grade students, but should be entered at the level of the oldest student in the team.

Participants will be judged using the L.E.S.T. Northwest Technology Competition Scoring Rubric.

The following items must be followed for each movie:

  • Movies must somehow incorporate the L.E.S.T. Northwest theme.
  • Movies must be no shorter than 30 seconds and no longer than 2 minutes (including credits). 
  • All audio/video/graphic content must be original, copyright free or have written permission, and be properly documented. 
  • All of the production must be student work (capture, edit, produce). 
  • Adult participation (teachers, parents, etc.) should be limited to coaching or acting in the movie.

Students are judged on their own performance, not compared to other performers. Awards will be given for blue ribbon winners. The rubric scoring sheet will be made available to schools sometime in November. The judges’ rating sheets, with valuable comments, will be given to each school after the conclusion of L.E.S.T. Northwest.

How to Participate

Please complete the registration form regarding each movie submission by December 16, 2022. Each group of students creating a movie is to be registered.

By January 17, 2023, all participants will send to the L.E.S.T. Northwest Director an email with an electronic link to their movie. All movies will be due January 17 so that the movies can be judged prior to L.E.S.T. Northwest. 

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